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Indulge in a myriad of all-time favourite Japanese food items such as donburi, nabemono, sashimi and sushi that are lovingly crafted and prepared for you using top-notch ingredients curated from all corners of the world such as Koshihikari rice imported from Niigata, Japan as well as Angus beef from the United States! A concept brought to you by the ASTONS Group, AJI ICHI also upholds the same philosophy of bringing high-quality yet affordable Japanese cuisine to your tables.

Having some outlet-specific exclusive items such as the hitsumabushi sets at Marina Square and ramen at Kallang Wave Mall makes your visit to each AJI ICHI a unique one! Some must-try items include our kurobuta (black pork) and angus beef nabemono sets where we use only the most premium cuts so that you can taste the flavour in every mouthful you take and our wide selection of don (rice bowl) that comes with wholesome meat or fresh seafood. Our selection of futomaki also has unseen yet intriguing flavours such as the AJI Special Maki that is incorporated with savoury century eggs as well as a secret homemade sauce!

Super Value Lunch Set at Marina Square & SingPost Centre

From $9.90

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